Welcome to the Nicholas Concrete website !

I'm "Chip"...the owner...and on behalf of my family and all of my employees...we THANK YOU for taking the time to visit our site !

Folks... our work is the BEST ! PERIOD !

And I APPRECIATE you taking the time to visit THIS page. It shows that you are SERIOUS about your search to find the BEST company for your project.
And sure...I will GLADLY say, without any hesitation, that I feel EXTREMELY confident that my company is HANDS DOWN...the ABSOLUTE BEST when it comes to QUALITY concrete work, done RIGHT...at the RIGHT PRICE !
I say this because I know how hard I work, and how hard I HAVE worked in the nearly 40 years that I have been running this company. That's 4 DECADES of Concrete " Prowess" in which the majority of our business has been referrals from our ECSTATIC customers !
I KNOW how hard I've worked not only because I FEEL it in the morning when I wake up...but I am VERY proud of the reputation this company currently enjoys. It is extremely rewarding knowing that the many years of hard work have made us the "GO TO" ... #1 Choice for QUALITY Concrete work in this area. The many letters from satisfied customers...make all of this hard work worth EVERY ounce of energy I have put in to this company.

And I'll ask you once again...to take a look at my family.
THEY are the reason why you can COUNT ON STRESS FREE...SATISFYING and QUALITY work from us. I do it all for THEM !
Folks...let me make this about as simple as I can.
Concrete is my life...and has been for nearly 40 years.
I have a great deal of pride running through my veins...and I can assure you that you will NOT find a business owner who is as committed to the success and reputation of his company...as the guy you saw on that video on the homepage and the guy you see surrounded by my amazing family.
You work hard for the things you have.
You want QUALITY work...and you want to make sure that you are dealing with a REPUTABLE company who KNOWS what they are doing so that you will have NO worries...and that the job will look BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL...with NO SHORT CUTS !

I am simply politely challenging you to go to my testimonials page...and see what others are saying...then...give me a call. The estimates are always free...and I'm pretty sure you'll think I'm a pleasant enough guy to spend a little time with for the purpose of understanding your project, your desires, your questions...and ultimately...your SATISFACTION !
If you meet with me...you'll do business with me !
I look forward to meeting you...and I look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !
-Chip Nicholas